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  • 160g fiberglass cloth
160g fiberglass cloth

160g fiberglass cloth

The technical parameters 160g fiberglass cloth: 



Tensile Strength

Woven Type

Moisture content


Warp Weft
160g/m2 9×8 0.16mm 1350N 1200N Plain 0.5% Poly bag with woven bag

Function:Its mainly used for the prevention of rotting in the pipeline as well as the preservation

of certain temperature.


1.Antisepsis: First remove the rot from the pipeline and then wrap the pipeline with our products.

Two and three layers will be enough.

2.Preservation of temperature: Wrap the processed pipeline with insulating cloth or pipe and then

wrap the insulating layer with prompt width and right density fiber cloth, in the end, paint certain kind

of coating or bind the pipe with bitumen fabric directly.

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