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  • Fiberglass cloth with aluminum foil
Fiberglass cloth with aluminum foil

Fiberglass cloth with aluminum foil

 We supply and export fiberglass cloth with aluminum foil. The superior construction along with

the cutting-edge technologies is the hallmark of the fiberglass fabric.

With the use of retardant adhesive, the fiberglass fabric forms a highly dense composite film.

It comes with light reflectivity and has relatively large longitudinal and transverse tensile.

The fabric is waterproof and has a pretty smooth surface.

The standard fabric is available in many exclusive designs and models. It is carved on particular

specifications provided by clients as well. Made with the premium materials, it is known to be not only durable

but also excellent in providing maximum output.

Its applications are found in a number of industries including air conditioning, HVAC equipments,

pipe insulation and building materials.


♦ Light reflectivity

♦ Waterproof

♦ Transverse tensile

♦ Smooth surface

♦ Applications

♦ Air conditioning

♦ HVAC equipments

♦ Pipe insulation and building materials

♦ Oil pipes, steam pipes


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