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Properties of Fiberglass Cloths

 Fiberglass cloths or fabrics are made of fiberglass yarn by weaving in different processes. They are an ideal material for fireproofing, heat insulation and industrial insulation and base fabric of composite materials for the following properties.

Like glass itself, fiberglass cloths will not rot, mildew or deteriorate. They highlyresist most chemicals.
Fiberglass cloths will not stretch or shrink. Nominal elongation break is 3-4%The maximum elongation for “E” glass at break is 4.8% with a 100% elastic recovery when stressed close to its point of rupture.
Fiberglass yarn has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Fiberglass yarn is twice as strong as steel wire with the same diameter.
Fiberglass cloths have a low coefficient of thermal expansion and relatively high thermal conductivity. Glass cloths will distribute heat more rapidly than organic fibers.
Fiberglass cannot burn and is basically unaffected by curing temperatures used inindustrial processing. Fiberglass will retain approximately 50 percent of its strength at 700°F (371°C) and as much as 25 percent at 900°F (482°C); with a softening point of 1555°F (846°C) and a melting point of 2075° F (1121 °C).
Fiberglass yarn has extremely low moisture absorption, and dont change physically or chemically when exposed to water.
High dielectrical strength and relatively low dielectrical constants make fiberglasscloths outstanding for electrical insulation purposes.
The wide range of filaments, fiberglass yarns, yarn sizes, weave types and finishes make fiberglass cloths available for a broad range of industrial end uses.
Fiberglass cloths offer cost advantages compared to other synthetic and natural fibercloths.

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