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How to Remove Fiberglass From Skin

 Fiberglass is a material widely used for construction and industrial applications, such as fiberglass fabric. Fiberglass contains small, sharp splinters of glass that are easy to getting stuck in skin, so you should cover as much as your body as possible by wearing long pants, long sleeves, work boots and heavy duty gloves when working with fiberglass. However, even if you follow this advice, it's quite likely that you will still get splinters, usually in the skin of your fingers and hands. Along with the pain associated with fiberglass splinters, the material also makes you itch uncontrollably. Here is a small tip of using sticky tape to remove fiber easily from your skin.

Find a roll of sticky tape. You need a tape, like duct tape or electrical tape, that will not rip into pieces when it is pulled. The tape is better with a lot of glue to stick to the fiberglass splinters, 
Do not wash the affected area. This technique works best if the tape can get a solid hold on the fiberglass splinters. Water will make the fiberglass slivers soft and harder to pull out of your skin.
Press the tape firmly onto the area(s) with the fiberglass splinters. Hold the tape in place for several minutes with your hand. Make sure the tape makes good contact with your skin and the fiberglass splinters.
Pull off the tape in one smooth motion, if you can. Ripping the tape off in a sudden or jerky fashion could take some skin with it, or create sores. This will make the fiberglass splinters even harder to remove. Grip the tape as close to your skin as possible and peel it up and away from your skin. It may be necessary for you to repeat this step several times.
Wash the area with soap and water after all the fiberglass is gone. Pat the area dry. Apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.

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