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Fiberglass versus Polyester

 Dimensional Stability:
Fiberglass dose not stretch, shrink or twist nor is it affected by extreme changes in temperature.

Polyester fabrics will stretch when exposed to solar heat.
The stability of fiberglass fabrics allow for even roll up of the shade material eliminating traveling from side to side, without the use of unsightly battens.
The stretching of the polyester fabric causes waves and buckling of the fabric which necessitates the use of battens in shades approximately 12 feet in height and above.
Yarn Count And Thickness:
Fiberglass fabrics use a much finer yarn than their polyester counterpart, resulting in more yarns per square inch.
Polyester fabrics are made of wider diameter yarns, resulting in fewer yarns per square inch.
The greater the yarn count for a given openness factor, the better the outward view.
Using the thicker polyester yarn causes the eye to focus on the yarn itself, thus diminishing the outside view.
PVC Coating:
The strength and stability of the fiberglass fabric results in the need for a thinner coating of PVC.
The less stable polyester fabrics require a thicker coating of PVC.
The thinner coating results in a more uniformly stable and strong fabric, as the fabric’s strength comes from its fiberglass yarn.
The thicker coating results in more instability and reduced strength of the polyester fabric.

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